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Really Need Help

October 4th, 2014 by Katanya

cardboard sign print
I hate doing this, but I am in dire straits and could really use some help. I would deeply appreciate any help anyone can provide, even if it is just forwarding this message on.

Desperately Seeking Stability

July 12th, 2014 by Katanya

“New” poem

October 1st, 2012 by Katanya

No, I haven’t actually been able to finish anything in years, but while I was recently searching through one of my poetry books, I found something I wrote back in what I’m guessing would have been 2007. I do promise that if I am ever actually to put more than just a few lines down on page, it will be posted here if I feel it is complete.

The Crossing

The Crossing

October 1st, 2012 by Katanya

Trembling she stepped forward
Her weapons heavy upon her back
Her armor tattered
Demons clawing the path behind

“Turn back” her mind echoed
As her feet faltered
She could run now
Run towards the call of battle

Through the water she saw him
His gaze steady and unfaltered
In his hand he clenched her freedom
But in her mind was the rusted lock

“Remember what you are.
Remember how we suffered.”
But what of her pain
And the endless miles traveled alone

Her fate had brought her here
She felt warmth beyond the portal
Hope beyond her despair
Strength beyond her years

Darkness fell behind her
But the sun shone bright ahead
Curiously she stepped forward
Into the unknown world before her

The water washed away her weapons
The sun stripped away her dread
Soon she felt the comfort
She thought known only to the dead

He stood there still before her
Strength on this unknown path
His hand still clutched her freedom
His gaze clearing her head

She fell to her knees before him
Arms crossed over head
Finally she had found freedom
But it was in her heart instead

His faith had been the key
By his hand was the way
Captured in the new day’s sun
Through love was her pain undone

Song of Longing

December 27th, 2009 by Katanya

Quietly the girl stood, flute in hand, eyes cast down toward the floor.  Her heart was heavy, as it always was in His absence, her life somehow less meaningless when He wasn’t near.  She lifted the instrument to her lips, drew in a deep breath of sea air, and began to play.  It was a song of longing, a song from the heart, a song to bring Him back to her.  The notes drifted on the breeze, across the ocean waves, across the sea to find Him, to gently caress His face and whisper in His ear, “I love You.”


March 16th, 2009 by Katanya

I’ve moved over all of the old poems, and added a few others I never added, one written just this past week.

I will look into moving my photo gallery some time soon, but I am also working on another site for our village in SL.

I should be moving the SL pictures over here as well.

If I Could

March 16th, 2009 by Katanya

If I could only be with You while I slept,
Then let me sleep eternal.
Let the earth retake me,
If I could be by Your side forever.

If I could only be with You while I wake,
Then let my eyes never flutter.
Let rest never find me,
If I could feel Your breath upon my face.

If I could only be with You while I stood,
Then let me stand forever.
Let the world pass me by,
If I could only see Your gentle smile.

If I could only be with You while I age,
Then let the years fly by.
Let youth forget me,
If I could only grasp Your hand.

If I could only be with You while I weep,
Then let the tears fall like rain.
Let my crying never cease,
If I could only hear You speak.

If I could only be with You while I die,
Then let me die slowly everyday.
Let my life escape me,
If I could only be with You for one day.

If I could only be with You,
Then let the world stand still.
Let there only be the two of us,
If I could only be with You.

Greatest Joy

March 16th, 2009 by Katanya

What greater joy is there than to be owned by the Man you love?
To be completely His without question;
To know only His touch;
To live and breathe knowing even your mere presence brings Him joy.
He knows you without asking;
He holds you without chains;
The slightest glance fans your inner flame.
Without one there is no two;
Without two there is no one;
And together there is only love.

His girl

March 16th, 2009 by Katanya

It’s there she belongs,
Wrapped in warmth.
It’s there she needs,
Hidden in shadow.
It’s there she yearns,
Captured in steel.

In His arms,
At His feet,
In His collar;
Here is her heart.


My Knight In Shining Armor

March 16th, 2009 by Katanya

He rides a steed of kindness
And carries a lance of caring
He’s protected by a shield of truth
And his armor gleams with sweetness

His deeds are guided by love
His words are from his heart
He rescues her with a gentle hug
And guards her with a soft kiss

His arms are her comfort
His lips her salvation
His gentle touch brings her life
And his strength gives her hope

He’ll save her from her past
And she’ll show him his future
Together they will ride forward
And leave their sadness behind